Kensai picture window
Coogee blade wall
Kenzai entry
Coogee kimono wall
front door to kitchen living
Bedroom corner
Bathroom collage
Versailles portico
Versailles foyer
Versailles apartment numbers
Peter desk main view
Martina sofa 1a light shelves
Peter sofa recovered

Photos by Sharrin Rees + Jacqueline Bosscher



The Design Commission is a Sydney-based interior design studio working across residential and commercial projects with sustainability at the core of our practice.

The cross-pollination of design, art and architecture is at the heart of our vision to contribute innovative, meaningful and, above all, sustainable spaces for people to live and work in the Australian environment, climate and culture. Our belief is that an emphasis on functionality, craftsmanship, attention to detail and making things to last results in quality spaces for living and working.


The philosophy of The Design Commission, founded by interior designer and art curator Jacqueline Bosscher, is that great design should be environmentally sustainable and lead, by its very nature, to significantly better outcomes for the client as well as the wider community, achieving passive environments by using sustainable materials, expending less energy and fewer resources.


The aim of The Design Commission is to create beautiful, functional, durable and site specific spaces in a meaningful way. We have a 3-prong approach to achieving this objective.


Firstly, by focusing on site, form, function and materiality to create interiors that are unique and deliver what the client needs.


Secondly, by striving to design spaces that result in passive built environments through the marriage of well-resolved layouts with the right materials and technology, a project may have a minimal footprint: good for the user and good for the environment.


And thirdly, by thinking actively about living in the southern hemisphere we can fold new ideas from the Asia-Pacific region into the design of buildings, transitional spaces and interiors in Australia.

Art, design + architecture

The Design Commission projects may incorporate the commissioning of artists, graphic designers, fabric or furniture fabricators into the design process. As well as training in Interior Design, director Jacqueline Bosscher has spent more than a decade working as a curator of contemporary art, commissioning art installations that explore and explode space and ideas. She is passionate about working across creative practices and looking to other fields of creativity for inspiration.



"I can highly recommend Jacqueline; she is a sensitive designer but is also bold and willing to take big leaps where necessary. She has strong interpersonal skills, a lot of patience and a great sense of humour and fun. And she works damn hard, but with a smile. It just doesn’t get better!"  T.d.Q. - Client, VERSAILLES APARTMENTS

"[Jacqueline] has immense attention to detail, and listened to me and understood my design needs. Her special touches have made our wonderful house so much more special. She made sure she was on site when the lights and tiles were being installed and communicated with our builder, electrician and plumber about details whenever necessary. The whole process of building our house was made so easy because she communicated so well with everyone involved. It has been an absolute pleasure and blessing to have had Jacqueline as our designer." U.P. - Client, THORNLEIGH HOUSE

+61 0412 462 624 @thedesigncommission

Supporting ARCHITECTS WITHOUT FRONTIERS - 10% of The Design Commission profits goes to support the work of Architects Without Frontiers, an Australian non-profit organisation that makes design accessible to vulnerable communities

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