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Chenta entry to studio
Chenta bedroom bathroom 1
Chenta studio bathroom 1
Chenta bedside shot 1
Cabinet book sheepskin leather detail
Chenta path to G flat

Photos by Jacqueline Bosscher

Bondi Beach house

This project will see the renovation of a lovely semi-detached house and garden studio for a very special client, just 100 metres from iconic Bondi Beach. With early 20th century design features - natural hardwood floors and door, window and archway frames, intricate decorative plaster ceilings, original stained and textured glass panels, and the sweetest side entry porch - it's a project focused on restoration and rejuvenation to create a comfortable, character-full beach pad. 

The first stage is now complete, with the sunroom of the house and garden studio renovated in time for renting out over the summer months. The leaking studio roof needed urgent attention, with repairs carried out and a new extended timber eave designed to match the house. Inside, we oversaw a very simple renovation of the bathroom, with new lining replacing the existing water-damaged ceiling and all new water-saving fixtures. New ventilation, LED lighting, linen curtains and spaces painted with natural bio paints in a clean, warm white complete the casual beach-side accomodation. We also sourced vintage furniture and feature lighting, and the clients' original Tahitian fabrics, to give the space a unique, beachside character. 

Watch this space for news and images of the main house renovation over the coming months.

Building work by Life Structures. Electrical work by Electricus. Plumbing by B&PHI Plumbing. Painting by Natural Colour Painting & Decorating.

Sustainable elements & materials

• Existing tiles retained & re-grouted


• Natural, no VOC paint & finishing oils throughout


• LED lighting


• Australian made-to-order vanity


• Linen curtains & bedding


• Vintage furniture

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