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Final Interchange corridor
Final Interchange bedroom
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Photos + 3D modelling by Jacqueline Bosscher, rendering by Jacqueline Bosscher + Olya Volokitina

Design process + services

We can help you from design concept through to completion of works - all or in part - with a full scope of services including: existing building drawings; concept and design development and documentation; materials specification; managing the tender process for engaging contractors and consultants (including drafting services for council approvals & construction); contract administration; as well as specifying hard and soft furnishings after building work is complete.


The process begins with a no-cost initial consultation and site visit to discuss your property and needs. We then provide you with a commissioning letter that breaks down the brief, different stages of design and construction, and an indication of the cost of our services that you might require.


Pre-design Stage If you are not in possession of building drawings (plans, sections, elevations), we can engage in a full site-measure in order to produce a 3D digital building model, plans, sections, elevations & internal perspectives.


Stage 1 Brief, concept & schematic development – this stage involves further discussion of the brief & site conditions, followed by the development of a design concept around which all planning & problem-solving will revolve. Layout resolutions, spatial arrangements, materials and finishes are presented to you across several meetings.


Stage 2 Design development & documentation – layouts & materiality are confirmed, allowing us to produce a detailed set of design drawings & schedules (lists) of finishes, fixtures & fittings.


Stage 3 Construction documentation – drafting of full set of documentation drawings for construction purposes. Finalisation of all schedules.


Stage 4 Estimation of costs, tender process & council approvals – this stage involves engaging other consultants (engineers, quantity surveyors, certifiers & others) to estimate costs and confirm construction details & necessary approvals. It then involves the preparation of tenders to engage a builder and other contractors.


Stage 5 Contract administration - liaison with and managing of contractors and schedules until the completion of works. Regular site visits and meetings with clients to ensure the delivery of the design.


Stage 6 Furniture selection – we can research and advise regarding any furniture requirements, procure items at an industry discount and oversee ordering, delivery and placement. Artworks and homewares can likewise be selected.

Design focus

The Design Commission places an emphasis on

• developing a strong design concept, based on research, which links the client, site, use and user

• meeting the client brief through originality

• the use of sustainable and natural materials, and the inventive re-use of materials

• incorporating all 4 interior planes – wall, floor and ceiling planes – into an overall design, creating innovative forms and focal points

• the bold use of texture, colour and lighting to create unique and contemporary interior spaces

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Supporting ARCHITECTS WITHOUT FRONTIERS - 10% of The Design Commission profits goes to support the work of Architects Without Frontiers, an Australian non-profit organisation that makes design accessible to vulnerable communities

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