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Final Interchange bedroom
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Photos + 3D modelling by Jacqueline Bosscher, rendering by Jacqueline Bosscher + Olya Volokitina

Design process + services

The Design Commission engages in a process of designing, planning, specifying and delivering quality interior design by qualified professionals. This process involves a clear focus on the needs of the client, attained through regular briefings and clear communication. Design and planning involve an exploration of spatial experience and the function of the space – be it in a residential or commercial context. This is followed by the exploration and specification of materials, texture and colour in an interior space.

Design focus

The Design Commission places an emphasis on

• developing a strong design concept, based on research, which links the client, site, use and user

• meeting the client brief through originality

• the use of sustainable and natural materials, and the inventive re-use of materials

• incorporating all 4 interior planes – wall, floor and ceiling planes – into an overall design, creating innovative forms and focal points

• the bold use of texture, colour and lighting to create unique and contemporary interior spaces

A professional Interior Designer is qualified to do the following

• Identify, research and creatively solve problems pertaining to the function and quality of the interior environment

• Perform services relating to interior spaces including programming, design analysis, space planning, and aesthetics, using knowledge of interior construction, materials and furnishings

• Prepare schematics, drawings and documents relating to the design of interior space, in order to enhance the quality of life and protect the health, safety, welfare and environment of the public

Jacqueline Bosscher is a member of the Design Institute of Australia and of the Green Building Council of Australia continuing professional development program. 


The Design Commission has been a finalist in the Green International Interiors Awards 2017 and the Sustainability Awards 2017 in the Single Dwelling Alteration/Addition categories.

Colour consultation

The Design Commission offers a colour consultation service for interiors, providing a customised service for your home or business. This can include an overall colour scheme for interiors and/or exteriors; material, texture and pattern selection, as well as lighting plans to maximise the desired impact of colours and materials.

Understanding colour, colour harmony and their impact on a person or space can be complicated. An informed use of colour in an interior can fundamentally change the human response to it. By applying a well-resolved group of colours, spaces can be renewed and light levels can be dramatically improved. The Design Commission’s Jacqueline Bosscher has trained as a Sci/Art Colour Consultant, training informed by the Munsell Colour System, the world’s standard for colour communication in design.

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Supporting ARCHITECTS WITHOUT FRONTIERS - 10% of The Design Commission profits goes to support the work of Architects Without Frontiers, an Australian non-profit organisation that makes design accessible to vulnerable communities

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