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painting ring terracotta
Cloakroom view front lit
Cloakroom light fitting front lit
Cloakroom light fitting side lit 1
Laundry tiling
powder room tiles noren
powder room tiles sink bench
drawing and notes
timber rounds

Photos by Jacqueline Bosscher 

Solving problems + exploring materials in the time of Covid 19

As work out in the world has reduced in this time of sickness, physical isolation + financial hardship, I have set up a makeshift home workshop to explore the possible uses of materials + objects + fabrics I have collected (hoarded...) over many years.

Project 1 - brief: to make a light fitting that can be wall hung in our not-light-enough-at-night cloakroom, using parts of old light fittings + assorted objects

Design solution: an assemblage of cedar battens, timber lid + the base of a 20 yr old lamp came together to create a wall sconce, with a 'shade' created using painted steel rings, leather strips, copper wire + scallop shells. I used both the wall and ceiling to support the different elements of the light, splitting them onto different planes by suspending the scallop shells 'shade' from the ceiling in front of the wall-mounted fitting. The scallop shells reflect the glare onto the wall whilst providing colour, texture + a focal point that harmonises with the tiles, timber + fabric in the cloakroom + adjoining powder room/laundry area. See photos in gallery above.

Project 2 - brief: to play with clay, something I have wanted to do for years now.

Results: watch this space...

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