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Photo by Graphenstone, diagram by Hometech

Point Piper House

The Design Commission was asked to join the team of architects, designers and builders already working on the renovation of a large, harbour-side house in Point Piper to research and specify systems and elements that would improve the indoor air quality of the building.


Specifications included :

• An Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system that extracts stale/damp air inside and brings fresh, filtered air in from outside every hour, allowing the house to 'breathe'  and reducing humidity, dust and moisture related mould and bacteria, without the loss of heat or coolth.

Graphenstone limestone based paint with Graphene technology - 100% natural paint, zero VOCs, antibacterial, washable, highly flexible yet durable, Gold Health Green Tag rating

• Low VOC plaster board wall linings that have a high recycled material content, with any waste able to be returned and recycled into new board by the manufacturer - GECA certified.

• 100% natural fibre (wool, Alpaca, bamboo, silk) wall to wall carpets.

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